FreeFileSync 10.4 发布,文件夹对比和备份工具

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FreeFileSync 10.4 发布,文件夹对比和备份工具

FreeFileSync 10.4已发布,FreeFileSync是一个开源的文件夹比较和同步工具,界面简洁,只需简单的设置就可以实现文件夹的比较和同步操作。


Allow overriding log folder path for gui and batch runs

Fixed RTS not triggering for volume path by name

Fixed reading FTP folders including wildcard chars

Fixed image overlay graphics glitch(Linux)

Don’t show error if versioning folder is not yet existing

Fixed crash removing folder pair before comparison(F5)

Fixed crash when parent of newly-moved file is missing

Fixed statistics when folder containing moved files is found missing


Download FreeFileSync 10.4 Windows Setup

Download FreeFileSync 10.4 macOS

Download FreeFileSync 10.4 Linux 64-bit

Download FreeFileSync 10.4 Linux 32-bit

Download FreeFileSync 10.4 Source

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